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Dr Fitt

Coco Hydro - Pomegranate Raspberry


Coco Hydro - Pomegranate Raspberry


Product Description

  • Makes approximately 1.5 gallons
  • 5 essential electrolytes in every serving
  • Each 275gm pouch is about 25 servings
  • Each 22gm packet is a large single serve
  • Half the price of bottled coconut water, per liquid ounce serving
  • More sustainable than bottled coconut water
  • Tastes like coconut water - because it is coconut water
  • Perfect for daily hydration

COCO HYDRO is the evolution of what can be done with coconut water to serve a population that doesn't live in the tropics where fresh coconuts are readily available and who want a sustainable, affordable option.  CocoHydro is not a substitute for the real thing (nothing beats fresh coconut water), yet, its a smarter option in circumstances when carrying around 25 coconuts just isn't logical or practical (we tried a couple times and it was just really really difficult).

We developed COCO HYDRO for the coconut water fanatic who drinks it everyday and wants to incorporate it in all aspects of their active lives.  We created COCO HYDRO for the professional athlete who is looking for a healthier and more natural hydration formula.  

For people like us, who hike, bike and climb to places that questions typical sanity, run distances that are best for left for migrating caribou, work long hours because our passion is our work and our work our passion, do yoga in a room that is essentially a massive sauna and the floor a sopping wet sweat mess, or because we drink WAY too much coffee and need an alkalizing balance in our blood stream, or perhaps ALL the above! ... yup, this is the COCO HYDRO Posse.  Welcome to our team.

COCO HYDRO is made by taking the coconut water, which is on average 97% water and 3% nutrients, evaporating the water back into the global cloud system, collecting the nutrients and shipping them off to your local store where you can buy it.  Once its in your hands, you just scoop some into your glass or water bottle, mix in your favorite local water, mix, stir, shake it up and drink it down while youre at your desk dreaming up the next internet craze, preparing for your tango lesson, on the 11th hour of your 12 hours bike race or ascending El Capitan.  Or pour the whole pouch into a big water jug (gallon size) and just keep it in the fridge for the whole family to enjoy.. ITS ALL GOOD!

The key Benefits of CocoHydro:

  • High in the 5 essential electrolytes your thirsty cells and swooning heart love: Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese and Magnesium. 
  • Super portable - one 275gm pouch of COCO HYDRO is about 25 servings (depending on your strength of flavor). This means you can really carry it around with you pretty much anywhere.  MUCH easier than carrying around 25 bottles of coconut water or 25 coconuts!... again, we tried.  
  • More sustainable - were not shipping water around the world just for the 3% nutrients.  Nope.  Were bringing the nutrients to you so you can Jack & Jill up the hill to fetch a pale of water from your local water well.
  • And because we aren't shipping water around the world, we can bring this super duper product to you at super duper prices!  Crazy Eddy would be sooooo happy!
  • We add a pinch of Ionic Trace Minerals to each batch to make sure you are getting your absolute critical dose of trace minerals in your diet.  When all food was organic and the soil rich and fertile, this wasn't an issue.  But with the stress that our modern soil is put under and the depletion of vital nutrients in our soils, most of us lack these essential trace minerals that our cells crave.  We be watching your back... just want you to be healthy.
  • And it tastes great!

Its really pretty simple.  Its a great product that serves your coconut water addiction at a lower price which also cuts down on fossil fuel usage, it tastes great and you can bring it anywhere.  Hallelujah!  


Coconut Water:

Coconut water is legendary as a natural healing and preventative elixir of nature.  If you have ever drank the juice from a freshly cracked coconut, you know exactly why.  Coconut water is high in life supporting electrolytes, such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sodium which are lost during daily activity and especially during exercise.  In fact, coconut water contains the same electrolyte balance as our blood, which leads many to call it "the fluid of life" and during war time in the Pacific Ocean, soldiers were actually given plasma infusions with coconut water. 

Bottom line, coconut water is good.  Real good.

Here are some well known Coconut Water Facts:

  • A 100ml serving of coconut water contains more potassium than a couple large bananas and more potassium than your standard bottled sports drink.
  • Coconut water  is more nutritious than whole milk with less saturated animal fat and no cholesterol.
  • Coconut water is generally regarded as more healthy than orange juice, with much lower calories.
  • Coconut water contains lauric acid, which is naturally found in mothers milk.

Ingredients: Organic evaporated coconut water, tapioca dextrose (as a processing aid, Bali sea salt, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) For the Pineapple and Pomegranate-Raspberry, we add vegetable based coloring and pure natural flavors.

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