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Dr Fitt

Dr. Fitt Black Seed Oil Cloth


Dr. Fitt Black Seed Oil Cloth


Product Description

Flannel Cloth For Black Seed Oil Poultice


Black Seed Oil Poultice Instructions


Food based dye was used in the making of the Dr. Fitt Black Seed Oil Cloth.  Use for strains, sore muscles, back pain, menstrual cramps, breast tenderness, fibrocystic breast, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rashes and more.  



  • Black Seed Oil or Dr. Fitt Toximator (not available for purchase on
  • Wool or Cotton Flannel – Dr. Fitt’s Black Seed oil cloth or other cloth made of wool or cotton flannel
  • Hot Water Bottle, Rice pack, or Electric Heating Pad (to gently heat the black seed oil pack while it is applied on the body)  


How to use the Black Seed Oil Poultice:


  1. Prepare flannel – Fold the cloth into three thicknesses, creating a pad of a size adequate to cover the area to be treated.  For example, to use a black seed oil poultice over the abdominal area, the size of the flannel cloth might be 10 inches by 8 inches.
  2. Protective plastic sheet – Cut a plastic sheet larger that the flannel cloth.  The plastic protects the heating device and clothes from getting oily.  A plastic garbage bag works fairly well, but it is best to avoid using any plastic bag printed with ink which may dissolve and stain when exposed to black seed oil.  
  3. Saturate cloth with black seed oil – Place the flannel cloth on top of the plastic sheet.  Then saturate it with blackseed oil.  The cloth should be wet but not dripping.  The saturated cloth is placed directly on the skin with the plastic sheet on top of it.  The plastic sheet should cover the entire exterior of the saturated flannel, since blackseed oil is likely to stain fabric.  
  4. Place heating pack/bottle/pad over plastic sheet – Place a heating device over the top of the plastic sheet (If using a heating pad, we suggest low or medium setting.)  The heat will promote absorption, increase circulation, and help the body to relax.  This is generally left in place for approximately 30 to 60 minutes (up to 90 minutes).  You may place a bath towel over the top of the heating pad to help hold in heat and an elastic bandage to hold it in place.  Caution:  Heat should not be used in conditions where it is normally contraindicated, such as appendicitis, diabetic neuropathy, or over the abdomen during pregnancy.  However, the black seed oil pack may be used without heat in these conditions.  
  5. Wash-off Area – After using the black seed oil pack, cleanse the skin using a washcloth and mild soap.  
  6. Storage – Store the used cloth in a glass container in the refrigerator between use.  To reuse, add a little more oil to the cloth in the container, place the glass container in hot water to heat the pack.  When warm the pack may be placed on the skin.  


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