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Pine Pollen (3-4 mo. supply)


Pine Pollen (3-4 mo. supply)


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Product Description

 This 500 gram power bag is equivalent to 3-4 month supply!! 


100% Organic Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen

(Advanced Body Food Meal Replacement & Meal Enhancement Blends)

100% Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pine Pollen for Optimal Absorption 

Meal Replacement and/or Nutritional Meal Enhancement 

Naturally and Nature Compounded Superfoods

Over 200 Bioactive Nutrients, Multi-Mineral, Essential Amino Acids & Protein

World’s Most Dense Broadspectrum Superfood 

Pre-Workout & Performance 

Fasting & Intermittent Fasting Support Product 

Stress, Hormone Balancing and Adrenal Support 

Pre-Tested For Purity and Quality

FDA Certified Organic 

Fiber and Digestive Health

Can Help With:  Long Term Digestion and Nutrition, Energy and Performance, Power and Strength, Brain Health, Immune System, Anti-Aging, Reducing Fatigue Regulating Metabolism, Lowering Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose Levels, and Protecting the Liver 

Used In Ayurvedic Medicine for over 5000 years

Anti-Aging, Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral, Weight Loss, Energy, Healing, Libido, Sleep, Training and Performance, Muscle Strength, Hormone Balance, Cellular Health, Immunity, Meal Replacement, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Inflammation, Digestion,  Lower Bad Cholesterol, Prevents Cell Oxidation. 

Pine Pollen - How To Use

Use as a Meal Replacement, Use as a Meal Enhancer by Adding Nutrients to your Meal

  1. 1 Teaspoon Put In Coffee, Tea, Water, or Shakes

  2. Safe and Effective For Long Term Use

Safe and all Natural, Pine Pollen can be taken to better absorb vitamins and minerals such as B6, B2, B3, B1, Folic Acid, Vitamin E and D. Chinese Pine Pollen has protein including over 20 amino acids and 8 essential amino acids,  Complete protein, Pine Pollen also contains Zinc, Silicon, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium and Copper. 

Organic Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen - Taken from the Vast Pine Forests of China, Chinese Pine Pollen is the most dense superfood in the world with over 200 bioactive nutrients containing vitamins, minerals, and metabolites that improve hormone function, sleep, awareness, and overall performance including proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins like B-Vitamins and Vitamin E.  

For thousands of years Pine Pollen has been known to slow aging, fatigue, weakness, and treat a variety of conditions like colds and constipation. Because Pine Pollen has adaptogenic qualities, it is known to boost testosterone in men and create hormonal balance in women. This is the perfect meal replacement or performance booster and is a great alternative to pre-workout and energy drinks. 

Featured Ingredients & Function

200+ Bioactive Nutrients and Metabolites, Vitamins - B, C, D3, SuperOxide Dismutase - Body’s Most Powerful Antioxidant, Rejuvenate Hormones, Enzymes, Coenzymes, Co-Factors, Boosts Testosterone, Natural Performance Enhancement, Boosts Dopamine, Increased Libido/Sex Drive, Prostate Function In Men , Liver Function, Detox, Rejuvenation, Energy & Stamina, Muscle Nourishment and Tissue Repair , Rejuvenates Hair, Skin, and Nails, Anti-Aging and Age-Management, Digestinal Fiber

by permission: Advanced Body Foods by Jack Mustard, D.C.



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